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  1. Applications
    1. How do I install IceCast?
    2. Streaming Sources vs. Streaming Servers
    3. What is the difference between sc_trans and ices?
    4. What is the difference between SHOUTcast DNAS and IceCast?
  2. Hosting
    1. What type of hosting service is required for Centova Cast?
    2. Where can I find hosting services using Centova Cast?
    3. Which hosting providers do you recommend?
  3. Information
    1. Does Centova Cast support Windows Media?
    2. Enable/disabling server-side media re-encoding
    3. How do I specify Unlimited Listeners or Unlimited Bandwidth?
    4. How does the automatic live/autoDJ switching feature for IceCast work?
    5. How many streams/listeners/etc. can I fit on a given server using Centova Cast?
    6. How stable is Centova Cast?
    7. Is a live demonstration of billing system integration available?
    8. Is a trial available?
    9. Is it possible to run SHOUTcast and IceCast streams simultaneously?
    10. Live Demonstration
    11. Resource usage of Centova Cast streams
    12. Using port 80 for streaming servers
    13. What functionality is provided via billing integration?
  4. Installation
    1. Can Centova Cast be installed without shell/SSH/root access?
    2. Does my paid installation fee cover the installation of [...]?
    3. Error: Unknown Linux distribution; aborting
    4. Testing your PHP CLI binary installation
    5. The file xx.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by
    6. What information do I need to provide for installation service?
  5. Policies
    1. Can I upgrade my license if I reach my license limits?
    2. Cancelling a license
    3. How long after purchase will I receive my license?
    4. If I change my domain name, can you re-issue my license key?
    5. Installation ticket security
    6. Payment applied to a different invoice
    7. Refund / cancellation policy
    8. Suspension information
    9. You double-charged my account, or charged it after I cancelled!
  6. Troubleshooting
    1. Blank page when beginning web-based portion of installation
    2. Buffering problems
    3. Error: Scheduling is unavailable because the xxxx streaming source is in use
    4. Error starting server: Application /path/to/sc_serv does not exist
    5. FTP server incorrectly reports disk quota exceeded
    6. How do I specify 'unlimited' monthly data transfer / disk quota?
    7. How to effectively report a bug or problem
    8. Ices0: My ices process is using a very large amount of CPU time
    9. Ices2: My ices2 process is using a very large amount of CPU time
    10. Kicking the autoDJ
    11. Listener statistics show more listeners than listener limit
    12. Problems tuning in: Intro file plays, then stream stops
    13. Problems tuning in: Relayed stream stops after 30 seconds
    14. Problems with source software reading certain MP3 files
    15. sc_trans: My sc_tranx_linux process is using a very large amount of CPU
    16. Server appears to go offline when listener limit is reached
    17. Streams occasionally begin looping a few seconds of audio
    18. Track weighting issues
    19. Unable to connect with live source / live encoder
    20. Unable to tune in to stream
    21. WHMCS: Error contacting server: Unsupported protocol
    22. Why do I get "Invalid password" errors in my sc_trans v1 log?