What is the difference between SHOUTcast DNAS and IceCast?


I see that Centova Cast supports both SHOUTcast DNAS and IceCast. What is the difference between the two?


SHOUTcast DNAS and IceCast are both streaming server applications. Unless you're doing anything really exotic, SHOUTcast DNAS and IceCast essentially serve the same purpose, and they're both free to use.

IceCast offers a few more advanced features and is open-source software, but it's usually harder to install unless your Linux distribution offers a pre- built IceCast package.

SHOUTcast DNAS is much easier to install (as it's self-contained in a single binary file), but it's proprietary and closed-source.

Both products are typically very stable and reliable, offer similar core feature sets, and are widely used by many high-traffic streaming radio stations.

What about DNAS v1 vs. DNAS v2?

SHOUTcast DNAS comes in two versions -- v1.x and v2.x. v1.x is very old and has not been updated by Nullsoft since 2004. v2.x is more actively maintained by Nullsoft and includes many more features such as the ability to host multiple streams in a single server instance.