FTP server incorrectly reports disk quota exceeded


My FTP server reports that my disk quota has been exceeded even though Centova Cast shows that it has not. Why is this, and how do I fix it?


While this problem affects Centova Cast's operation, it is not a Centova Cast problem and must be resolved outside of Centova Cast.

There are two potential causes for this error:

  1. Kernel quotas are enabled on your server. This is common if you have installed Centova Cast on a server that is also used for web hosting.

    In this case, the kernel quota imposes additional disk space restrictions on the account(s) under which Centova Cast runs (the UNIX user accounts centovacast and ccuser.).

    To fix this, ask your systems administrator to disable kernel quotas for the centovacast and/or ccuser UNIX user account(s).

  2. You are using Centova Cast v3's FTP server and the quota has gotten out of sync. Fixing this is as simple as loading the file manager via the Centova Cast web interface, and clicking on the disk space meter in the lower-righthand corner of the page. This will instantly update the quotas.

  3. You are using Centova Cast v2 with Pure-FTPd and its .ftpquota files have gone out-of-sync with the actual state of the files on disk.

    This is not an uncommon problem, and it is described in the Pure-FTPd documentation under the "VIRTUAL QUOTAS" section here.

    The above link provides instructions for using Pure-FTPd's "pure-quotacheck" utility to repair Pure-FTPd's .ftpquota files.

Once you have fixed the above issue(s), the FTP server should allow users to utilize their full quota capacity.