Error: Unknown Linux distribution; aborting


After I run, I receive the following error when Centova Cast attempts to install the ices-cc autoDJ software for me:

Error: Unknown Linux distribution; aborting

What does this mean, and how do I fix it?


This means that you are not using a Linux distribution for which ices-cc packages are not available (as described here), or that you are using a 64-bit architecture for which packages are not available.

You can ask the Centova Cast installer to try to build ices-cc from source by adding --canbuildices to the end of the installation script commandline, i.e.:

./ --canbuildices

Note that you will need to have a proper build environment installed on your server (including gcc, g++, make, etc.), but you should have already installed these applications anyway if you have been following the Centova Cast installation guide.