Ices2: My ices2 process is using a very large amount of CPU time


I am using Ices v2 as my streaming source, and my ices2 process is using a very large amount of CPU time. How do I correct this?


There are two possible reasons for high CPU usage under Ices2:

  1. Per the ices2 documentation, enabling the "managed" configuration option currently leads to higher CPU usage in ices2. This feature is required, however, if you wish to use bitrate enforcement.

    To reduce the CPU usage of ices2, edit the source configuration file for the desired stream (eg: /home/centovacast/vhosts/username/etc/source.conf) and remove (or comment out) the following lines:

    <managed>1</managed> <maximum-bitrate>128000</maximum-bitrate>

    If you wish to apply this change to all streams created in future as well, you should make the same change in the skeleton configuration file (eg: /usr/local/centovacast/system/sources/ices2/skel/etc/source.conf in Centova Cast v3, or /home/centovacast/system/sources/ices2/skel/etc/source.conf in v2).

    Note that once this change has been made, bitrate enforcement will be disabled. This means that while Ices2 will attempt to stream as close as possible to the bitrate specified for the stream, it may exceed that bit rate.

  2. If you have disabled bitrate management (per above) and you still see high CPU usage, you may simply need a more powerful server. Ices2 requires much more CPU time than its predecessor, ices0, and unfortunately this is simply how it works under normal operating conditions.