Why do I get "Invalid password" errors in my sc_trans v1 log?


When I attempt to start my stream, it appears to start successfully, but the source does not connect. When I check my sc_trans v1 logs, I see "Invalid password" errors. How do I fix this?


Regrettably, this appears to be a bug within sc_trans v1 itself and little can be done about it since sc_trans v1 is a closed-source, proprietary application that has been discontinued for about a decade.

The problem appears to be entirely sporadic -- sometimes the source connects successfully, and other times it fails with an invalid password error -- even if your password is correct. The problem appears to manifest only on certain Linux distributions, and in our experience we have encountered it more often with older CentOS releases (pre-4.4), but this may just be coincidence.

The only workaround that we are aware of at this time is to switch to ices or sc_trans v2 as your streaming source instead of sc_trans v1.