Payment applied to a different invoice


I paid an invoice but the payment was applied to a different one! Why did this happen and how do I fix it?


By design, our billing system never applies payments to a specific invoice. Our system works on the basis of an account register, wherein invoices debit your account balance and payments credit it. As such, any payment will automatically cover the first outstanding invoice on your account.

We are aware that some online companies adopt an unusual convention of applying payments to specific invoices, but this approach becomes problematic when dealing with credits, deficits, and over/underpayments. As such, we choose to conform to the standard "real-world" accounting practice of applying payments to accounts, not individual invoices.

To put it in perspective: if you skip an invoice from your telephone company and then make a payment for the following invoice, your telephone company is not likely to to "overlook" the earlier invoice just because you didn't intend to pay it. Rather, your payment is going to be applied to the first invoice, and you will still be liable for the following invoice. Our system works on the same principle.

But then how do I skip an invoice for a license I no longer want?

Please cancel the license you no longer want to remove its invoice. If you've already submitted payment, the invoice may remain active; in this case, simply contact us and we will cancel it for you if your billing period has not yet restarted.