You double-charged my account, or charged it after I cancelled!


You charged my PayPal account/credit card after I cancelled a license!


You double-charged me for a license payment!


The short answer is "no, we did not". Please choose the appropriate section for your payment method below.

For PayPal Payments

Why was my account "charged" without my consent?

PayPal does not allow vendors to "charge" customers' PayPal accounts for any reason, so it simply is not possible for a vendor to do this. If payment(s) were made on your behalf and you did not initiate them, it is likely that you forgot to cancel the PayPal subscription you created for your license order.

What is a PayPal subscription?

PayPal subscriptions allow a buyer to ask PayPal to automatically submit payments to a vendor on the buyer's behalf on a regular schedule (i.e., monthly or annually). Once a PayPal subscription is created, PayPal will automatically submit payments to the vendor on your behalf on each billing cycle. PayPal subscriptions are entirely client-initated and client-managed; PayPal does not provide vendors like us with any access to create a PayPal subscription on your account nor to manipulate your subscriptions once you set them up. It is up to the client to manage his own subscriptions, including both setup and cancellation.

How did a subscription get set up on my account?

For recurring (leased) licenses paid for via PayPal, the default option at PayPal is to create a PayPal subscription when submitting payment. This is prominently noted when you proceed to checkout, and PayPal explicitly asks you to confirm that you wish to submit automatic, recurring payments to us in the specified amount and at the specified interval (i.e., monthly or annually). It is impossible for a vendor to set up a PayPal subscription on your behalf without your knowledge and explicit consent.

Why wasn't my PayPal subscription cancelled when I cancelled my license?

Because PayPal subscriptions are entirely client-controlled, if you cancel service with any vendor (including us), you also have to cancel your subscription at otherwise PayPal will blindly continue submitting payments on your behalf upon each billing cycle.

Why was I "double-charged" for an invoice?

First, please refer to the sections above regarding PayPal subscriptions. It is likely that you set up a PayPal subscription when you placed your order, which automatically pays your invoices on time each billing cycle. If you were "double-charged", it's likely that you inadvertently also submitted a manual payment (by clicking the "Pay now" link on an invoice) in addition to the automatic recurring payment made by PayPal on your behalf each cycle.

Please note that PayPal will not keep track of which invoices you have created a subscription for, so it will not warn you when you attempt to submit a double-payment. On our end, there is no practical way to tell whether or not the payment is an accidental duplicate. As such, it is the responsibility of the buyer to remember that he has already set up a PayPal subscription and refrain from overpaying.

How can I cancel a PayPal subscription?

This needs to be done at and has nothing to do with Centova Technologies. An excerpt from PayPal's help center:

How do I cancel a recurring payment I have with a merchant?

  1. Log in to your PayPal account (at
  2. Click the My Account tab.
  3. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  4. Click the Recurring Payments link in the Financial Information column.
  5. Find the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel, and click the View Payment link.
  6. Click the Cancel button and follow the online instructions.

Note: Canceled recurring payments can't be reactivated. Canceling a payment does not relieve your contractual obligation to pay the merchant.

Can I get a refund for an overpayment?

Yes, certainly. Just contact our sales department USING YOUR REGISTERED ACCOUNT E-MAIL ADDRESS and provide the relevant PayPal transaction ID(s) involved, and we will be pleased to refund your payment. Please note that refunds of this nature may take up to 48hr to be verified and processed.

Please DO NOT file a chargeback via your credit card provider, or a payment dispute with PayPal, to demand a refund. In most cases we terminate accounts that file false chargebacks or disputes against us.

For 2CheckOut Credit Card Payments

2CheckOut, our authorized vendor, provides no practical functionality for recurring payments and as such we only use their one-time payment functionality. This means that each invoice must be paid manually by clicking on the "Pay now" link and entering your credit card information. There is absolutely no recurring-payment functionality here.

2CheckOut also does not provide your credit card information to vendors like us; upon payment, we transfer you to 2CheckOut's web site, you provide your credit card information directly to 2CheckOut, they process your transaction, and then you are redirected back to our web site. As such, there is no way we could charge your account manually since we have no access to your credit card information.

In short, there is no possibility whatsoever of receiving a charge on your credit card from Centova Technologies via 2CheckOut unless you initiated it yourself.

  • Note: PayPal can also charge your credit card if you have allowed them to do so, so if you see a charge related to Centova Technologies on your credit card you may wish to consult the PayPal section above unless you are absolutely certain you chose "2CheckOut" when submitting your order.