Installation ticket security


How secure is the information I provide in installation tickets?


Centova Technologies makes every effort to ensure the complete confidentiality of the information you provide to the installations department.

How do you secure my information?

We employ the following methods to secure the information you provide to us via the installations department:

  1. All web browser connections to the installations department, both by clients and technicians, are secured by SSL.
  2. Access to the installations department is limited only to a small number of high-level, trusted technicians within Centova Technologies. Regular support staff do not have access to this department.
  3. Administrator access to the server hosting the helpdesk software and database is tightly restricted, and the server is secured using standard systems administration best practices.
  4. Shortly after an installation ticket is closed, our system automatically clears any information you entered in the "Root password", "Administrator password", and "MySQL information" fields when opening the ticket. This information is permanently and irrecoverably removed from our databases. (For this reason, it's important ensure that you only include sensitive information in these fields, and not in any other correspondence with our staff.)

What if I don't want to provide my root password?

If you prefer not to provide your actual root password to our technicians, you may instead add our SSH public key to your list of authorized keys for the root account on your server (typically /root/.ssh/authorized_keys).

The public key used by our technicians is available here.

After adding our public key to your server, simply specify "public key" in the "Root password" field on the installation ticket form.

What if I have a firewall protecting my SSH port?

Our technicians will always connect to your server from our administrative gateway server at The IP address for this server may change from time to time, so simply ping to find the correct IP address to add to your firewall rules. Please do this before opening an installation ticket or your installation may be delayed.

What if I still have security concerns?

Simply open a ticket with the sales or support department outlining your concerns. Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions or escalate the ticket to someone who can.