How long after purchase will I receive my license?


How long does it take to issue a license after I submit my payment?

How long does it take for paid installation service to be performed?


License Orders

License orders are processed automatically by our system and are typically fulfilled within a few minutes of receipt of payment.

Payments placed through PayPal using a funding option other than credit card or PayPal balance (such as bank transfers) will be held by PayPal until the payment clears from your bank. We have no control over this hold period, and the length of time may vary depending on your bank and funding source. Your license key will be released by our system as soon as PayPal releases the funds to us.

If more than two business days have passed from the time of your payment and you have not received your license, please contact us. This almost always indicates that your license information E-mail has been intercepted by spam prevention or other mail filtering software, or that your payment was not received.

Installation Service

If you ordered installation service, you will receive a confirmation message via E-mail when your order processed (per the same timeframes as license orders as explained above) asking you to open a ticket with our installations department to provide the required information about your server.

Upon receipt of payment and a properly-completed installation ticket, your installation will be scheduled for completion by a qualified technician as soon as possible -- typically for the following business day.