How do I install IceCast?


I want to run IceCast streams on my server. How do I install IceCast?


IceCast is a third-party product that includes its own documentation and support resources. As IceCast is not our product we do not officially provide support for issues pertaining to its installation. If you require assistance installing it we will be happy to do so for you for a fee (see the "I can't get it to work" section below for details).

Bearing in mind that we do not provide technical support for IceCast installation, we do provide the following tips as a courtesy to help you get started.

Under Debian Linux

IceCast is trivially easy to install under Debian and Debian-based Linux. Simply run:

$ apt-get install icecast2

Then, in Centova Cast, configure the path to IceCast as /usr/bin/icecast2 (as described in this article) and you should be ready to go.

Under CentOS and other distributions

Most Linux distributions do not provide prebuilt packages for IceCast, so you'll need to build IceCast from source. Instructions for doing so are provided in the IceCast documentation. Installation instructions are on this page (scroll down and read the "Prerequisites" and "Build/Install" sections).

Once you have installed IceCast, verify that it's working (and that you have the correct path) by running:

/path/to/icecast -v

If it's working and you have the correct path, you should see something like:

IceCast 2.3.2

Finally, in Centova Cast, configure the path to IceCast (as described in this article) and you should be ready to go.

I can't get it to work! Can you help?

Yes, we are pleased to be able to offer IceCast installation services to our clients. IceCast installation is billed as professional services time, and our minimum 1/2hr rate applies; you can find (and order) our current professional services rates on our services page.