What functionality is provided via billing integration?


Specifically, what functionality is provided via Centova Cast's billing integration modules (e.g., WHMCS, iHost, etc.)?


Centova Cast's billing integration modules fully implement the WHMCS and iHost server integration APIs, and include all of the features offered by those billing systems for integration with back-end servers. Specifically, the billing systems can:

  • Create accounts (streams) in Centova Cast
  • Remove accounts from Centova Cast
  • Suspend/unsuspend accounts in Centova Cast

This allows the billing systems to provision new streams in Centova Cast when payment is received, suspend and unsuspend streams when the client's billing account is suspended/unsuspended, suspend or delete streams if a client cancels his billing account or defaults on payment, and so-on.

Since both WHMCS and iHost support billing packages, you can configure multiple packages with different prices and different limits (e.g., maximum concurrent stream listeners, maximum bit rate, data transfer/bandwidth limit in MB, and disk quota in MB) and the billing system will provision each account in Centova Cast with the correct limits based on the package paid for by the customer.

WHMCS and iHost both offer various other features for managing packages, servers, accounts, and so-on; these are not specific to Centova Cast, however, and thus they're likely to be better explained by their respective sales teams. In short, anything that's possible within each billing system using other control panel software (e.g, CPanel, Plesk, etc.) should also be possible using Centova Cast, so if you need to make any inquiries with their sales departments, you may not even need to mention that it's specifically in regard to Centova Cast.