Problems tuning in: Intro file plays, then stream stops


When listeners tune in, they only hear the intro MP3 and then playback stops.


Your intro file is probably recorded using different encoder settings (i.e., a different bitrate, sample rate or format) than the media your stream is configured to play. For example, if your stream is configured for 128Kbps 44100Hz MP3 audio, then your intro MP3 and all of your stream MP3s must also be recorded at 128Kbps 44100Hz.

To correct this problem, you'll need to re-encode your intro file at the same bit rate as the MP3s that you plan to stream, or the stream you plan to relay.

I have this problem but it only affects users of Windows Media Player 11 (on Vista)

The above answer still applies. WMP is more sensitive to intro file differences than other media players, and even if it works in other media players it's still a problem with your intro file encoding. This has been discussed on the IceCast forums in the following threads:

The only solution is to correct your intro file.