What information do I need to provide for installation service?


I ordered installation service for Centova Cast. What information do I need to do in order to have Centova Cast installed on my server?


In order to perform your installation, we will require the following information:

  • The IP address of your server (and SSH port if you are not using the default port 22)
  • The root password for your server
  • (If installing v2.) The path to the web root under which you would like to have Centova Cast's web interface installed (eg: yourdomain.com/cast/ or similar). Please note that the specified domain name and associated web root must already be configured on your server and ready for use.

We are typically able to perform installations on the next business day following receipt of the above information. When possible we will perform the installation same-day if a technician is available.

Please note that your server must be operational and in good working order (i.e., no configuration, firewall, or other problems), and must meet the published minimum system requirements for Centova Cast in order for us to perform the installation.