Suspension information


What are your policies on suspension?


Centova Technologies issues all invoices well in advance of their due dates to give our clients plenty of time to arrange for payment. If an invoice remains unpaid for more than 24hr beyond its due date, the associated license will automatically go into suspension.

What happens during suspension?

As a courtesy to our clients, Centova Cast is designed to continue to work for up to 7 days after the license has been suspended, after which it will cease to operate and your clients' streams may cease to function.

How do I get unsuspended?

Once a license has been suspended, the only way to unsuspend it is to pay the outstanding invoice. Sorry, but we are unable to perform manual unsuspensions without payment.

Once payment is received for suspended license, the license will be automatically unsuspended within approximately 15 minutes by our licensing system. You need not contact our helpdesk as this is a fully automated process.

I made payment but was not unsuspended!

First, log in to your account at and verify that your balance is $0. Note that invoices must be paid in the order that they are due; if you had another invoice due prior to the invoice for which your license was suspended, both invoices must be paid in order for the unsuspension to be processed.

If your balance is non-zero, you will need to pay any remaining outstanding invoices before the unsuspension will be processed.

Once your account is paid in full, it may take up to 15 minutes for our system to reactivate your license and propagate the change to all of our slave licensing servers. It may take up to a further 5 minutes for Centova Cast to pull down the updated license after it is reactivated on our end.

If your balance is $0 and your Centova Cast installation remains inactive after 60 minutes, you may wish to try manually reissuing your license to force Centova Cast to pull down the reactivated key.

If the problem persists, please contact our helpdesk for assistance.

I re-issued my license but was still not unsuspended!

Please log in to your account at and check that your license really was unsuspended. If it was not, please click "Account register" to review your payment history; it's possible that your account is further in arrears than you realized and that other invoices are past due. (See the previous section above for details.)

If everything is paid but you're still suspended, please contact our helpdesk and we'll be pleased to investigate.