Unable to tune in to stream


When I start a stream in Centova Cast, it reports that the stream has been started successfully, however I am unable to tune in to the stream. How do I fix this?


This indicates one of the following problems:

  1. You are connecting to the wrong hostname or port. To correct this, please try using the tune-in links provided by Centova Cast on your stream start page or client area.

  2. The autoDJ is disabled for the stream, and no live source is connected. To correct this, either set up the autoDJ or connect with a live source.

  3. You have configured the stream with localhost or (known as the "loopback address") as its IP address and/or hostname. Binding any server to the loopback address will prohibit any connections that do not originate on the streaming server itself.

    To fix this, change the stream configuration to use the actual IP address of your server.

  4. You have a firewall blocking your stream port. Your firewall may be on your machine itself (i.e., an iptables software firewall) or it may be implemented by your datacenter/hosting provider through a hardware firewall.

    To fix this, contact your systems administrator and ask them to allow access to your stream port.

  5. You are using SHOUTcast DNAS v2, and you have your stream set to Public but have not configured an authhash. This will prevent any listeners from tuning in, even though your stream appears to be up and running.

    This is a SHOUTcast DNAS v2-specific issue and has nothing to do with Centova Cast; see the relevant article in the SHOUTcast wiki for details.

It still doesn't work, what do I do?

Please note that in the vast majority of situations the problem is one of the above; please ensure that you have thoroughly examined the above possibilities before seeking another potential cause.

If you are absolutely certain the problem is not above, please contact the helpdesk and provide the URL to your Centova Cast installation and the username and password to the affected stream.

Please note that if our technicians determine that your stream's IP address+port is unreachable due to a networking issue (such as a firewall) they will not be able to assist you any further and you will need to contact your systems administrator or datacenter/hosting provider for assistance.