Current Listeners

Current Listeners

The Current Listeners report provides a comprehensive overview of the listeners who are currently tuned into your stream.

The Current Listeners report may be accessed using the Listeners link under the Statistics heading in the navigation menu.

Current Listener Chart

The current listener chart provides a list of every listener currently connected to your stream. The following information is provided for each listener:

  • Country
    Indicates the country in which the listener is located, if this information available.

  • IP Address
    Indicates the IP address of the listener.

  • User Agent
    Indicates the name and version of the software with which the user has connected to your stream.

  • Agent Type
    Indicates the type of software being used by the user; either a player (a standard media player used to listen to music) or a ripper (a program which is capable of allowing the listener to "steal" music from your stream and save it on the listener's PC).

  • Listen Time
    Indicates the total length of this listener's session so far.

Top Countries Chart

The Top Countries chart provides a breakdown of the top countries from which listeners are currently tuned in to you stream. The list is ranked by number of listeners from each country.

Top User Agents Chart

The Top User Agents chart provides a breakdown of the most popular software with which your listeners are connecting to your stream.

Listener Locations Map

The Listener Locations Map provides a realtime world overview of your current listeners' geographic locations, plotted on a world map. This service is provided by Google Maps and may or may not be available depending on how your administrator has configured Centova Cast.