Stream Status Summary

Stream Status Summary

About the Widget

The Stream Status Summary widget displays a brief line of information about the current status of your stream. Typically, this will look something like the following:

Station Name - Artist Name - Track Title

The above text is hyperlinked such that clicking it will launch the visitor's default media player to tune in to the stream.

The status summary is automatically updated at regular intervals such that it always displays the correct song artist and title.

Advanced Customization

Configurable Options

Developers familiar with JavaScript may embed in their pages a code block similar to the following to customize the behavior of the widget.

This configuration block must appear before the JavaScript code for the widget.

<script language="javascript">
(function(){ var centovacast = (window.centovacast||(window.centovacast={}));
(centovacast.streaminfo||(centovacast.streaminfo={})).config = {

    poll_limit: 60,        // specify how many times to poll the server
    poll_frequency: 60000  // specify the poll frequency in milliseconds



Developers familiar with cascading stylesheets (CSS) may embed in their pages a stylesheet similar to the following to customize the appearance of the widget:

/* Element containing the stream information */
.cc_streaminfo {

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