Song Requests

Song Requests

About the Widget

The Song Requests widget displays a form allowing your visitors to submit song requests.

Depending on how the widget has been configured, the request can be handled in one of two ways. Either:

  1. The request can be emailed to the stream administrator for manual review and processing, or
  2. The request can be processed automatically. In this case, the artist and song title are compared against the tracks in the media library. If a matching track is found, the track can be queued for playback automatically.

This widget can be configured on the Widgets tab of the Configuration Settings page.

Advanced Customization


Developers familiar with cascading stylesheets (CSS) may embed in their pages a stylesheet similar to the following to customize the appearance of the widget:

/* Container element for the widget */
.cc_request_form {
/* Container element for the loading throbber */
.cc_request_throbber {
/* Container element for the result text */
.cc_request_form *[data-type="result"] {

Note that the request form sample provided on the Widgets page is plain HTML and the developer may optionally customize the HTML and/or add custom class names to each <input> element to address it via CSS.

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