Server Overrides (SHOUTcast v1/v2)

Server Overrides (SHOUTcast v1/v2)

The Server Overrides tab contains options for configuring values which will override any values provided by a live DJ via a live source application.

  • Stream title format
    Configures the format string used to present the stream title to the end-user. If this is a plain text string, it will completely replace any stream title provided by a live source.

    If the format string contains the characters %s, these characters will be replaced with the stream title provided by the live source.

    Example: Stream title format: Station XYZ: %s Stream title provided by live source: Artist Foo - Album Bar Actual title displayed in listeners' media players: Station XYZ: Artist Foo - Album Bar

  • Stream URL format
    Identical in nature to the Stream title format option above, but specifies the format for the stream URL presented to the end-user.

  • Public server
    Specifies whether the stream should be published with directory services. Options include:

    • Automatic (determined by source)
      If selected, the live source can make the stream public or private at its discretion.

    • Never
      If selected, the stream is never published.

    • Always
      If selected, the stream is always published.