Listener Map

Listener Map

About the Widget

The Listener Map widget displays an interactive map, powered by the Google Maps mapping service, on which the geographic locations of your listeners and your stream are plotted.

This widget can be configured on the Widgets tab of the Configuration Settings page.

Advanced Customization

Configurable Options

Developers familiar with JavaScript may embed in their pages a code block similar to the following to customize the behavior of the widget.

This configuration block must appear before the JavaScript code for the widget.

<script language="javascript">
(function(){ var centovacast = (window.centovacast||(window.centovacast={}));
(centovacast.googlemaps||(centovacast.googlemaps={})).config = {

    show_server_location: true, // specify whether to plot server location on map
    server_location: null,      // textual name of server location (eg: city)
    server_country_code: null   // country code to display flag at server location



Developers familiar with cascading stylesheets (CSS) may embed in their pages a stylesheet similar to the following to customize the appearance of the widget:

/* Container element for the map */
.cc_gmaps_map {

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