Stream Details

Stream Details

About the Widget

The Stream Details widget is a more flexible version of the Stream Status Summary widget, and is designed for more advanced users who wish to customize the placement of the individual elements of stream information.

Using this snippet, you can individually place the elements for the current song, stream title, bit rate, and many more status indicators anywhere on your web page, and Centova Cast will automatically fill them in.

Much like the Stream Status Summary widget, all of the elements of the Stream Details widget are automatically updated at regular intervals such that they always display the correct information.

Available Elements

As of this writing, the Stream Details widget provides the following status elements:

  • Current song
    The current track information, formatted as Artist - Title, and hyperlinked such that clicking launches the visitor's default media player to tune in to the stream.

  • Stream title
    The title for the stream.

  • Bit rate
    The bit rate at which the stream is currently broadcasting.

  • Current listeners
    The number of listeners currently connected to the stream.

  • Maximum listeners
    The maximum number of listeners which may connect to the stream.

  • Server status
    The current status of the stream (either Online or Offline).

  • AutoDJ status
    The current status of the autoDJ (either Online or Offline).

  • Source connected
    An indication of whether a source is currently connected to the stream (either Yes or No).

  • Station time
    The current date and time relative to the station's time zone, formatted per the station's locale settings.

  • Current playlist
    The name of the playlist from which the current track was selected, if the autoDJ is active.

  • Track artist
    The artist of the current track.

  • Track title
    The title of the current track.

  • Track album
    The album of the current track.

  • Album image
    The album cover image for the current track.

  • Album URL
    The album URL (if available) for the current track.

Advanced Customization

Configurable Options

Developers familiar with JavaScript may embed in their pages a code block similar to the following to customize the behavior of the widget.

This configuration block must appear before the JavaScript code for the widget.

<script language="javascript">
(function(){ var centovacast = (window.centovacast||(window.centovacast={}));
(centovacast.streaminfo||(centovacast.streaminfo={})).config = {

    poll_limit: 60,        // specify how many times to poll the server
    poll_frequency: 60000  // specify the poll frequency in milliseconds



Developers familiar with cascading stylesheets (CSS) may embed in their pages a stylesheet similar to the following to customize the appearance of the widget:

/* Element(s) containing the stream information */
.cc_streaminfo {

Note that the stream details sample provided on the Widgets page is plain HTML and the developer may optionally customize the HTML and/or add custom class names to each <span>/<a>/<img> element to address it via CSS.

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