On-demand Content

On-demand Content

About the Widget

The On-demand Content widget provides a file browser for your on-demand content, allowing visitors to browse, stream, or download the media you've published in your "ondemand" folder in the File Manager.

This widget is commonly used to allow visitors to download podcasts or other pre-recorded content from your station.

Like all of the widgets, the On-demand Content widget operates using AJAX requests such that the page never re-loads, and thus can be safely embedded into any web page.

This widget can be configured on the Widgets tab of the Configuration Settings page.

Publishing On-demand Content

To add files for clients to download or stream:

  1. Click the Files link under the AutoDJ heading in your client area.
  2. Click the ondemand folder in the left-hand folder pane.
  3. Click the Upload button to upload files into the ondemand folder. Any files you upload to this folder will immediately be published in your On-demand Content widget.

To remove files from the widget, simply select the file(s) to remove and click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Customization


Developers familiar with cascading stylesheets (CSS) may embed in their pages a stylesheet similar to the following to customize the appearance of the widget:

/* Container element for the widget */
.cc_ondemand_content {
/* Container for the file/folder list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist {
/* An individual item (file or folder) in the list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow {
/* An individual folder in the list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow.ccfiletype_folder {
/* An individual media file in the list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow.ccfiletype_media {
/* An individual generic file in the list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow.ccfiletype_other {
/* A selection checkbox for an item in the list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow > .ccfilebox {
/* The size of a file */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow > .ccfilesize {
/* The name of a file/folder */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilerow > .ccfilename {
/* Container for the "Play selected files" link at the end of the list */
.cc_ondemand_content > .cc_ondemand_rowlist > .ccfilem3u {
/* Container for the "loading" throbber */
.cc_ondemand_loading {

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