Centova Cast provides a number of widgets which you can include in your own web pages to display information about your stream. No programming knowledge is required -- anyone who understands HTML (and, ideally, CSS) can make use of these snippets to easily add custom stream information to a web page.

The code for each of these snippets can be obtained using the Widgets link under the Configuration heading in your Centova Cast control panel. Each widget is documented individually in its own section.

Using the Widgets

Each widget is provided as a set of two HTML tags which, together, provide the complete functionality of the widget.

The first of the two HTML tags essentially provides a "marker" to indicate where on the page you want the widget to appear. This tag should be embedded in your HTML page wherever you want the widget to be inserted.

The second HTML tag is a script reference which includes the "logic" for the widget in your page. This should be placed at the end of your HTML page, just before the closing </body> tag.

Once you have added these two tags to your HTML, simply save your changes and refresh your page. The new widgets should appear instantly.

Alternate Character Encodings

If you find that the code snippets show certain accented characters incorrectly when used on your web site, it is possible that you are not using UTF-8 encoding on your web page.

To correct this, you should set the "Character encoding" setting on the Widgets page to the correct character encoding for your web page. This will re-load the Widgets page and update each snippet to use the correct character encoding. Note that after changing the character encoding, you must copy and paste the updated widget code into your web site, replacing the old code.