Station Details and Time

Station Details and Time

Prior to your first broadcast, you will need to configure some basic settings and information for your station. To configure your station:

  1. In the navigation panel at the left-hand side of the screen, click Settings under the Configuration heading.

  2. Click the Stream tab if it is not already selected.

  3. In the Stream title field, enter the name of your station.

  4. In the E-mail address field, enter the E-mail address at which you want to be notified of any problems with your stream. (Your hosting provider may have already filled this in for you.)

  5. In the Source password field, enter the password that you want your DJs to use when performing a live broadcast on your stream. If you do not intend to perform live broadcasts, you may skip this step.

  6. In the Time zone field, select your time zone. Setting a correct time zone is essential to ensure that your playlist start on time and that your station always displays the correct time.

  7. If you see an AutoDJ tab to the right of the Stream tab, click the AutoDJ tab and ensure that the AutoDJ status is set to Enabled.

Many other configuration options are also available, and are documented in detail in the Configuration Settings page of the Reference Manual. You may optionally change any of these settings now if desired, or skip them for now.

When you have finished making your configuration changes, click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.