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  1. Customizations
    1. Can Centova Cast run a custom script after it performs a certain task?
    2. Can I display my own cover art on my start pages?
    3. Can I move my media files to a different path or partition on the server?
    4. Can the Centova Cast web interface be rebranded/customized?
    5. Centova Cast v3 Localization
    6. Changing Languages
    7. How can I change the frequency of a cron job or scheduled task?
    8. How do I apply my own logo to Centova Cast?
    9. How do I rebrand/customize the Centova Cast web interface?
    10. Reseller domains with Centova Cast
  2. Information
    1. How can I get access to test releases of Centova Cast?
    2. Can I create an M3U playlist and upload it to Centova Cast?
    3. Can I customize the media that is preloaded for each stream?
    4. Can multiple streams share the same server-side MP3s?
    5. Centova Cast v3 on FreeBSD
    6. Changing licensed domain name or IP address
    7. Configuring a Firewall for Centova Cast
    8. How can I create backups of my Centova Cast accounts?
    9. Custom hostnames instead of IP addresses in self-referencing links
    10. Does Centova Cast include a proxy for streaming on port 80?
    11. Does Centova Cast include a stream proxy?
    12. Does Centova Cast support clustering?
    13. Does Centova Cast v3 support Windows Media Services?
    14. Forgotten admin password
    15. How do I set up Amazon integration?
    16. Integration with international Amazon sites
    17. How can I use the "Let's Encrypt" certificate authority with Centova Cast?
    18. Limiting performances of a single track in given time period
    19. Migrating a Centova Cast v3 installation to another server
    20. Migrating a Centova Cast v3 slave (control server) installation to another server
    21. Old Web Proxy Instructions (Prior to 3.2.14)
    22. How to prevent mixed content and insecure warnings from web browsers ?
    23. Resource usage of Centova Cast v3
    24. Stopping/starting the autoDJ before/after streaming live
    25. Suppressing metadata
    26. Can I host websites on the same server as Centova Cast ?
    27. Uploading media (MP3) files
  3. Troubleshooting
    1. Artist/album/track titles and covers are not updated if the MP3 ID3 tags are edited
    2. Centova Cast is incorrectly reporting disk usage and/or suspending clients
    3. Centova Cast is not sending notification E-mails
    4. Centova Cast's log processing uses too much CPU time
    5. Centova Cast's statistics pages load slowly or time out
    6. Changes to php.ini not taking effect
    7. Changing licensed domain name or IP address in Centova Cast v3
    8. Could not connect to database: No such file or directory
    9. Diagnosing cron job problems
    10. Disaster recovery
    11. Disk space / bandwidth totals / statistics not updating
    12. Empty server/autoDJ log files
    13. Intro file or fallback file does not play
    14. License expiration warning for an active license
    15. License validation failed: Unlicensed IP address
    16. Poor accuracy or too few markers in Google Maps
    17. Problems starting server: Server exited immediately after startup
    18. Problems starting server: Server startup failed
    19. Problems starting server: Source exited immediately after startup
    20. Problems starting server: Source startup failed
    21. Problems when listing 500+ albums/tracks
    22. Scheduled playlists do not start on time
    23. Troubleshooting ices problems
    24. Unable to contact licensing servers
    25. WHMCS: No suitable wrapper could be found