Can I host websites on the same server as Centova Cast ?


Is it possible to run a third party web service on the same server where I have Centova Cast ?


The process of successfully configuring a third-party web server to work alongside Centova Cast is outside the scope of our included support. Generally, we recommend that clients disable third party web servers before enabling Centova Cast's web ports, or installing Centova Cast with the "--secure" option.

With that said, we are able to provide a recommended configuration for Centova Cast, so that it allows other web servers to run on the same system, as long as you meet certain requirements and can figure out the same kind of configuration for the other web server.

Note: You will need at least two public dedicated IP addresses, one of which will be used by Centova Cast.

All you need to do from Centova Cast's side is edit /usr/local/centovacast/etc/cc-panel.conf and look for the following lines:

listen 2199 default ssl;
listen 80;
listen 443 ssl;

These are the normal set of directives that you'll find on a Centova Cast installation where the stream proxy feature has been enabled. If you see something different -- namely port 2199 alone without the others --, it would mean that web ports haven't been enabled yet, in which case refer to this guide first.

You will then need to edit the above directives, adding your server's IP address next to ports 80 and 443. For example, if your server's public IP address were, the resulting configuration should look something like this:

listen 2199 default ssl;
listen ssl;

Note: Make sure not to modify port 2199, as that will break Centova Cast's internal communication.

Once you are finished, restart Centova Cast /usr/local/centovacast/centovacast restart to apply the changes.

What next ?

This is where our support ends, and the support from your third party software begins.

If you are using vanilla open source software such as Apache or Nginx, you should be able to find similar "listen" directives in their respective configuration files, which you should set to an IP address that is different from the one you've used for Centova Cast.

For users of popular hosting platform such as WHM, Plesk, etc. You will likely have an equivalent option available via their web control panel.