Plugins API

Plugins API


Centova Cast v3 and up support a new plugin system allowing developers to integrate third-party functionality directly into Centova Cast.


Plugins are written in the PHP programming language. To extend Centova Cast using other programming languages, the Event Scripts interface should be used instead.

At the beginning of each request, all plugins register callbacks to be invoked when specific actions are performed by Centova Cast. When Centova Cast performs an action for which a callback is registered, it invokes the callback passing parameters containing the details of the event.


Note that Centova Cast v3 and up provides its own operating environment including a self-contained PHP engine, and does not rely on any existing PHP interpreter or settings on the server. As such, the list of supported extensions and functions may not match those which you have used on other PHP installations.

Most notably, for security reasons, Centova Cast's PHP engine has no notion of exec() or any other process execution functions, so it is not possible to launch external applications from within Centova Cast plugins.

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