Management Utility Invocation

Management Utility Invocation

Basic Invocation

The commandline management utility is invoked using the ccmanage utility:


Running ccmanage without parameters will provide a list of the most comment options available. See the detailed command reference for a complete list of available commands.

Passwordless Mode

For automation purposes it may be convenient to skip the password prompt presented by ccmanage when invoked as root. This capability is provided by the sumanage utility:


The sumanage utility is identical to ccmanage with the exceptions that it can only be invoked by root, and that it operates without prompting for a password.

For security reasons, sumanage will not operate until you create a special password file with which it can authenticate against Centova Cast's user database. To create the file, you can run the following commands as root:

echo 'admin|adminpassword' > /usr/local/centovacast/etc/.ccshadow
chmod 0600 /usr/local/centovacast/etc/.ccshadow

In the first command above, replace adminpassword with your actual Centova Cast administrator password. You will need to re-execute the above command every time you change your Centova Cast administrator password.