API Types

API Types

For developer convenience, Centova Cast provides multiple application programming interfaces (APIs) to access its internal management functionality. All of the interfaces are functionally identical, and simply serve as alternate front-ends to the same back-end functionality.

Centova Cast itself uses an internal, native interface to the same management functionality in its own web interface, thereby ensuring that the results of any operation performed via the API will be identical to the results of performing the same operation via the web interface.


The Centova Cast JSON API provides a simple HTTP GET/POST-based interface to the API which returns JSON-encoded responses. Simple JSON manipulation libraries are available for almost all programming languages, making this a convenient and easy-to-use integration option.


The Centova Cast XML API provides a simple XML-over-HTTP interface to the API which accepts and returns XML-encoded requests and responses. Much like JSON, XML is almost universally supported across all programming languages for convenient integration with third-party applications.

Session API

The Centova Cast Session API provides an interface similar to that of the JSON API, except that it works with the current user's login session and is designed to be used to implement custom functionality in the Centova Cast web interface via AJAX requests.


The Centova Cast Commandline Management Utility provides a basic interface to the Centova Cast automation API that can be used from the UNIX shell prompt or shell scripts.

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