nextsong.log File Format

nextsong.log File Format

The nextsong.log file, under the /usr/local/centovacast/var/vhosts/USERNAME/var/log directory, is a diagnostic log created by the Centova Cast autoDJ interface to record information about the songs it instructed the autoDJ to play.

Formally the log file is just freeform text and may not adhere to any specific format (particularly when debugging is enabled). However, lines that begin with a date and time followed by a ">" character are playback records.

Playback Records

In playback records, everything after the ">" character is a CSV-formatted line with the following columns:

  • duration - indicates how long it took for Centova Cast to identify the next track to be played
  • source - indicates from where Centova Cast obtained the next track information (usually "database" to indicate the autoDJ database; may also be "static" indicating that the autoDJ database was unreachable and a local static playlist was used; "fallback" indicating that a static playlist was not available and fallbackfile.mp3 was served; or "error" indicating that fallbackfile.mp3 was unavailable and the master station_unavailable.mp3 was served)
  • pathname - the full pathname to the song that was played
  • formatted - the formatted metadata for the song that was played
  • artist - the artist name for the song that was played
  • title - the title for the song that was played
  • royaltyid - the royalty ID for the song that was played
  • timelimit - the time limit that was imposed
  • playlistid - the ID number of the playlist from which the track was selected
  • playlist - the name of the playlist from which the track was selected
  • message - the diagnostic message generated while handling this track (usually OK -- anything else indicates an error condition occurred)

Any one of these fields may be empty except duration and message.

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