Diagnostic Report Generator

Diagnostic Report Generator

To assist in troubleshooting Centova Cast-related problems, Centova Cast includes a utility which can create a detailed report about your system for review by an administrator or the Centova Technologies staff. Providing such a report to the helpdesk can greatly reduce the time required to diagnose a problem with your server.

There are three ways to invoke the report script:

  • /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/generatereport
    With no parameters, this script generates a brief report about your overall system status/integrity.

  • /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/generatereport full
    With the 'full' parameter, this script generates an overall system report, plus includes your core Centova Cast configuration files, Centova Cast master log files, and information about the integrity of your Centova Cast application files and database tables, all of which are invaluable for diagnosing system issues.

    All highly-sensitive information (such as your crypto key) is omitted from the report for your security.

  • /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/generatereport user1 [user2 user3 ...]
    When one or more usernames are specified as parameters, this script generates an overall system report, plus detailed information about each of the specified user accounts, including their complete account settings, server/auto DJ configuration files, and log files.

    Highly-sensitive information (such as passwords) is omitted from the report to the best of the script's ability, but the report file should still be kept confidential as it may still contain enough information to be of use to an attacker.