Anyone Having Problems Contacting Centova?

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I'm on a VPS, and can't set time  :'(

same problem here.

the guests are synchronized with the host time, only the timezone might differ
What type of vps'es do you use?
Plesk CP, on CentOS.
This is BAD. Been trying to figure this out.....  I noticed the wrong date.... sent in ticket to support...but based on everyone's responses....who knows if I'll get a response any time soon.

Seems like the centova office might be checked out.  I even tried calling they "pay" support phone line and sounds like the phone number is no longer working.  ( ) :(

Haven't yet tried the changing of server date.....since that will probably screw other things up on the server ...
Steve is showing as last being active here on April 13th. I suspect something is rather badly wrong.
would be interested in visiting the forums and check the tickets at least every 24 hours!, I'm sure he does know every time he receives payment.
Have some one a demon version of cast control on a Linux server?
I suspect something is rather badly wrong.

Same here.

would be interested in visiting the forums and check the tickets at least every 24 hours!, I'm sure he does know every time he receives payment.

Normally Centovacast are good at answer tickets in a timely manor. It seems that something quite serious has happened. I do hope this isn't the end of Centova.
I upgraded my account on April 23,
I sent ticket,
today April 30 the service is in approval.

Nobody responds to my ticket VO3-CTB2-609 on 23 April.

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We are losing customers and I am sure you too, I suggest we ask that those responsible indemnify us, this is too much incompetence and lack of respect.

We are serious about finding a new cast-control panel has released a new version, at least it seems that they do work
I'm glad somebody found a solution to this as today one of our 2.2.4 servers stopped working saying it was unlicensed. Trouble is that makes us as companies look really bad.

Changing the date did work, but it will mess up people using scheduled programming and such...

The last contact I had directly from Steve was on April 7th. This was basically a brief email to say that things would start getting back to normal as he had been struggling with a massive personal situation, but everything was ready to move forward.

Sadly, I've had no replies from him since.

Cast-Control is not really a decent alternative to Centova. We also use the Shoutcast V1 panel and have tried the V2 panel, but it just isn't as good.

WHMsonic is ok, but that means the extra expensive of cPanel which for those of us running dedicated servers will be around $25-$30 extra per month. Even then, it isn't as good as Centova, although their sc_trans V2 is very stable.

I don't know of many other options though?
I am waiting to see what PleskSonic is like as I use the Plesk CP rather than Cpanel which would have given me the option of WHMSonic unfortunately this is not due for release until the summer so its a real bad call regarding timing, in my other posts I have mentioned others I am trying but there really is little out there to look at. Seems we are all helpless at the moment and it is US that seem to be getting the wrath from customers due to not being able to fix something outside of our control. 

This has really dented my opinion of Centova as a reliable company to entrust my customers to regarding a CP, while I appreciate Steve might be having personal issues you would have thought there were others who were also able to support the product in some fashion, the fact this is all related to the licence server is I suppose to do with the recent migration they had with servers.

Like I have already said elsewhere this all seems to have started around the same time as V3 being released to the public. Lets all hope this is NOT the end of Centova. Here is one person keeping his fingers crossed but must add its not looking to good at the moment!  :'(
I believe Steve is just having some problems and he will be back once he gets them sorted out. Centova Cast - the script itself is a goldmine, I really don't think it will be trashed, if I had a moneymaker lick CC --- there's no way I would let it go!  I also think he would fully understand we must find another control panel, we have clients to take care or, we have a business to run --- it's not personal.
 We have one server down due to this -- the others are running with no cron, I installed Cast Control Media panel  on the problem server yesterday -- it is different, it takes some getting used to, but it is running well, SHOUTcast v1 and sc_trans1 -- It does have SHOUTcast v2, but right now, the SHOUTcast members area is down, and has been for a while, so you can not get a YP hash, unless you saved it from earlier, and SHOUTcast 2 is still being developed. SC1 and sc_trans1 actually run at a lower load then the default Centova Cast installation -- which was SC1 and icess_cc auto dj --- many people also installed sc_trans on their Centova so you already know it is ver stable.
So yea, Cast Control is actually doing great -- you can schedule playlists, web based or ftp uploads, same with Sonic --- we had already been running 2 sonic servers for a couple years --- it's ideal for clients who have dj's they oversee, and our packages include free hosting, you get the nice custom player scripts, sc_trans 2 and SC1 ---
In my book, Centova is still king for auto dj's, Sonic for DJ's and a all-in-one package deal you can offer your clients it's amazing. Cast Control supports everything, even video and does a great job at delivering quality tunes to your clients!
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I'm so sure Centova will be back up soon, I just paid a invoice -- see the time and date on image
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Here a freeware CP called that might help a few in the short term.


    Multiple SHOUTcast Server 1.9.8 Sequences
    AutoDJ-function with WebUpload or FTP access
    Stable Scripting in Bash/Shell Script and SSH2
    Playlist editor and also automatic playlist generator
    Full administration panel with user managment
    News and Updates are included in the panel
    Multilanguage in 21 languages (plannned)
    Windows based tool for VIP Users (look in the forums)
    User-friendly design and many more features.

You can find it on

For some this could be an ideal backup solution as there is no costs involved.  ;)