Anyone Having Problems Contacting Centova?

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Steve, we also have still problems with getting a valid license for one of our machines. It is a V2 system by the way.
It keeps telling me it is not valid for that hostname, as in the client login on centova, the right one is there :s
Sorry to hear you're having problems and I'm happy to help, but it's important to note that your issue here has nothing to do with the topic of this thread... if you're getting an invalid hostname error that means you're accessing it from a hostname different than the one in the license.  Again, happy to help with that via the helpdesk, but to be clear our licensing servers are working fine and this has nothing to do with the licensing server problem.

We still haven't an answer to our other license problem on V2 and V3, so i hope we get response ASAP.
Yes, you have had an answer -- I asked you in that ticket exactly what problem you were experiencing in v2 and you replied and told me that the problem was also with v2, not just v3... I realize it happens with v2, which is why I asked what problem you were having in v2. ;)

Any one else troubles getting answers?  ???
Shouldn't be.  Support department is completely caught up now except for issues in the beta which are on hold while we catch up.

Yes we did had an answer on May 17th, although the ticket was from May 12th.
Staff replied
May 17, 08:31 PM

By the way, the system does not sent out new reply warnings anymore, nor we do receive invoices. And no, we are not alone and it is not our spamfilter ;)

As i mentioned in the ticket the hostname IS correct and IS licensed for the right hostname. I re-issued it a few times (not too much time to prevent getting locked out for to much re-issue), but we still keep this error.

When re-issuing the license with complete hostname, it tells me it is re-issued and gives me a new date ending with OK. So that part is correct. But when i enter the hostname.. it fails.

I will update our ticket with the exact warning.

It is funny that these problems started after the license server outage.. Never had problems before with this machine..


What issue are you having exactly here, you reissue your license at Centova, then you update the license on your server, but it gives you an invalid license error still?

I can take a quick look if you like?