Anyone Having Problems Contacting Centova?

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HI guys, is anyone having problems contacting Centova? I purchased a license two Fridays ago with installation and nothing happened so I asked what was going on, I got a message earlier in the week saying that although I had purchased installation I had to ASK for it to be installed. So I did. that was four days ago.

Im in the UK, is there a week's holiday going on in the USA currently?
Yes, it's Spring Break
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haaa.. cheers. no wonder i was seeing drushwood drifting past :-)
If you can send me your ticket number I'll look into this.  There's no reason you should be having problems reaching our helpdesk.
Yes, I am still waiting for a reply to my ticket sent 2 days ago!

My license it was suspended , even if I have all payments in order, so Centova billing system obvious is not working as it should , and there´s no one from the support team replying.
Yes, I am still waiting for a reply to my ticket sent 2 days ago!

My license it was suspended , even if I have all payments in order, so Centova billing system obvious is not working as it should , and there´s no one from the support team replying.
Problem solved,
Centova Cast leased price went from US$20.99 to US$21.00 and I wasn´t inform, so theres
was a due of 1 cent, and they suspend my license without any warning.
Even so I found this myself and manage to solve it, but without any help from Centova support,
as it seems they are not replying any tickets.
Hi Steve, I put an installation order in on the 11th March.

I was told I needed to create a ticket for the installation work I had ordered. The last time (a couple of months ago) I ordered an installation I didnt need to then also create a ticket to do the work, just put the order in and it would get picked up by the installation team.

A number of my questions remained unanswered so after some faffing about for over a week I put ticket: OC2-MTQ0-244 in on the 22nd March. Apart from one clarification about the root password I have heard zip on this installation. I have no idea what is going on so from my perspective I have been waiting weeks for this license to be installed. I had a trial installation on the server done a couple of months ago and now need to have an installation on the same server for a full license.

Do you think it might be worth me canceling the order by getting PayPal to reclaim the money so I can get an independent tech guy to do the work? right now I dont know if I am going to have to wait another week or more as there is nothing being said about the long delays happening. If you guys are too busy thats fine I just need to know as I have my own objectives and deadlines which dont include allowances for waiting this long for a live license install.

I have also put a ticket in about why I am not getting mail notifications from the forum and the ticketing system anymore. They were working and have stopped working in the past three weeks for some reason. But again, no response....
As you will see from my posting I am having problems too. If they are too busy it would be at least professional for them to let us know.
I am still having little progress with the installation and there is also no communication about what is happening.

I have sent another message to the installation team to confirm within the next 24 hours when they will have this work done. If they do not respond within 24 hours I will assume there is no one assigned to my installation and put a claim for a refund into PayPal.

This is turning into a farce.

Is there a reason why you need Centova to install the product for you? Which version are you trying to install?

Both 2.2.4 and 3.0 are fairly straightforward to install...

Obviously, I understand you have paid for a service and expect it to be done, but the actual install notes for Centova are very good.
Hi Mark, no I asked for an install because I am not confident about using shell access. I do some technical work but to this level i have chosen not to do myself. I am the director of my company which is not a technical company. It looks like I will need to get a refund and pass the work over to a trusted technical engineer.
I have put a claim into PayPal this morning for the cost of the installation fee. I have been also asking why Centova's email notification system has stopped working for me but have had no response to that either. It is such a shame that great software gets let down but non existent service.
I think there has been a problem with email notifications from Centova for a while now and I don't know why I'm afraid...

As you have already paid them to have it installed, would you like me to do it for you?
Hi Mark, I tried to pm you but (surprise surprise) the pm system is not working here.

 Can I contact you via your contact us form at: ?