General installation difficulties


I'm finding it difficult to install Centova Cast v2. Why is this so difficult, and how can I make it easier to install?


Centova Cast itself is generally quite easy to install; installation problems are virtually always a result of not meeting the system requirements for Centova Cast. Typically, these issues fall into two categories:

  1. Failure to install the necessary software. Typically, this just means that you need to install the missing software and you'll be on your way.

    The Centova Cast system requirements list all software required by Centova Cast; you just need to make sure it's installed.

  2. Failure to disable any artificial restrictions, such as safe mode, open_basedir, disabled functions, etc. These problems usually stem from running Centova Cast on a web hosting server alongside another control panel (CPanel, Plesk, etc.) which commonly enable these restrictions for use in shared web hosting environments.

If you install Centova Cast on a "fresh" server with no other control panel, you'll find that these restrictions are disabled by default and you shouldn't encounter them at all.

The vast majority of installation problems in fact fall into this category. While we do not provide any technical support for third-party control panels, we have published the following articles as a courtesy to help our clients disable restrictions imposed by several common control panels:

If you are installing on one of the aforementioned control panels, please be sure to read the appropriate knowledge base article as it may save you a significant amount of time, effort, and frustration.

Once the necessary software is installed and any restrictions imposed by your control panel software have been removed (per above), you can simply follow the installation guide to install Centova Cast.

The installation guide provides step-by-step instructions explaining exactly how to install Centova Cast. You can download the latest Centova Cast installation manual from your client area or from the Centova Cast documentation page.