Software Requirements

Centova Cast is designed for Linux-based servers only. You'll need:

Operating System

CentOS 7/8/9 (or RHEL equivalent) or
Alma or Rocky Linux 8/9 or
Debian Linux (Stable branch)

Database Server

MySQL v5.x+ or
MariaDB 10.0+

Streaming Server

Shoutcast v2.x
Shoutcast v1.9
IceCast v2.x

Streaming Source

ices-cc or ices v0.4/v2
sc_trans v0.4 or v2.0

You'll also need some standard Linux system software that is usually already installed:

  • A working package manager (yum or apt) is strongly recommended to allow the installer to install any missing packages.
  • The gcc toolchain and GNU C library are required during installation.
  • A working cron daemon is required.

Centova Cast provides its own web and FTP services and does not rely on any existing web server installation.

Hardware Requirements

It's important to note the distinction between Centova Cast, Shoutcast/IceCast, and your autoDJ. Each has its own distinct requirements as described below.

For Centova Cast

The Centova Cast control panel itself has minimal system requirements.

Any modern dedicated server or VPS with 512MB+ of RAM should work just fine.

For Shoutcast/IceCast

While Shoutcast and IceCast are lightweight and require little processing power, streaming audio does require a substantial amount of bandwidth.

Instructions for calculating your estimated bandwidth requirements are available in our knowledge base.

For your AutoDJ

Hosting autoDJs for your streams requires substantial CPU power, and also requires disk space on your server for the stream's MP3s.

Instructions for estimating your requirements are available in our knowledge base.

Networking Requirements

IP Address

Centova Cast requires at least one IP address for its control panel and any hosted streams.

Centova Cast's stream proxy and TLS support require that no other web server is running on ports 80 or 443, and its FTP server requires that no other FTP server is running on port 21.


Media streaming is usually bandwidth-intensive and requires a server with a substantial bandwidth allocation.

Instructions to calculate your estimated bandwidth requirements are available in our knowledge base.

For End-Users

Centova Cast's web interface is designed to be standards-compliant, and has been tested with a wide variety of browsers including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9.0+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari