System Utilities

System Utilities

The System Utilities page contains a number of features intended for use by advanced administrators to perform low-level maintenance on Centova Cast.

As incorrect use of the utilities on this page will likely result in permanent damage to your Centova Cast installation, it is strongly recommended that only advanced administrators use these tools.

To access the System Utilities page, click the Utilities link under the System heading in the navigation menu.

The utilities available are described in the following subsections.

Database Manager

The Manage database link provides raw access to the Centova Cast database tables via a bundled database management tool based on Adminer.

Database Optimizer

The Optimize database link performs a number of extensive optimizations on the Centova Cast database tables.

Note that these optimizations may take quite some time to complete, and during that time the database tables may be locked. As such, errors may occur in the Centova Cast web interface while the optimizations are performed.