System Logs

Centova Cast provides a comprehensive, centralized log management system allowing the administrator to review not just the master Centova Cast event log, but also the system logs for the web interface and each individual hosting server in the cluster.

To access the System Logs page, click the Logs link under the System heading in the navigation menu.

Log Browser

The log browser pane, which extends down the left-hand side of the log manager page, provides a tree of log resources available for review. The top-level items in the tree are the Log Manager and the Server Logs.

Log Manager

The Log Manager heading contains a single sub-item, Event Log, which provides access to the master event log for the Centova Cast web interface.

The event log documents all user activity (including logins and logouts), account operations (account creations, removals, etc.), a detailed record of any application errors that may have occurred, and other vital information about the operation of Centova Cast.

Server Logs

The Server Logs heading provides access to the low-level system logs for each of your Centova Cast hosting servers (configured on the Host Management page).

After selecting a particular server, the complete list of log files available on the server is displayed in the log browser pane.

The specific log files available on each server will depend on the type of hosting server and its installed operating system; more information may be available in the Core Files and Paths section of the Internals Reference.

Log Viewer

The log viewer pane, which is displayed to the right of the log browser pane, displays the contents of the selected log resource.

To improve loading speeds, logs are split into multiple pages and only a single page is displayed at any time. The page navigation controls in the lower-right corner of the screen may be used to skip to the next or previous page, or to jump directly to a specific page in the log.

In some log resources, a search feature may also be supported; when available, this will be displayed as a Keyword field to the left of the page navigation controls. Entering a search term and pressing the enter key will filter the log file by the specified keyword.