System Status

System Status

The system status page provides an overview of the type and system resource utilization of each server in your hosting cluster.

To access the System Status page, click the Status link under the System heading in the navigation menu.

Centova Cast provides access to a variety of information about each server in your cluster, which is broken down into columns with the following headings:

  • Server
    Displays the title of the server as configured under Host Management.

  • OS
    Displays information about the operating system installed on the server, and the underlying hardware specifications.

  • Uptime
    Displays uptime information (the length of time for which the server has been operating since its last reboot) for the server.

  • Load
    Displays system load information for the server. The format of this information depends on the operating system of the remote server; for Linux, it represents the 5-minute load average, for Windows, it represents the CPU utilization percentage.

  • Mem Used
    Displays the memory usage information for the server, expressed as memory used as a fraction of the server's total memory. Note that memory allocated to the filesystem cache is explicitly omitted from the total amount of used memory displayed, to yield a more accurate representation of the server's memory usage.

  • Swap
    Displays the swap usage information for the server, expressed as swap used as a fraction of the server's total swap.