The tabs on this page configure the reseller's options for each individual album data source. The data sources are described in detail in the Albums Configuration Settings section of the User's Manual.

    Configures the use of for album covers and data.

    • Allow client-specified Amazon affiliate IDs - Configures whether or not client accounts are permitted to specify their own affiliate ID to collect Amazon commissions from Amazon affiliate sales. If set to No, only the reseller's (or administrator's) affiliate ID will be used.
    • Default Amazon affiliate ID - Specifies a default affiliate ID for all streams for which the client has not entered his own affiliate ID, allowing the reseller to collect commissions for Amazon affiliate sales for those streams.
    • Amazon Web Services Access Key ID - Specifies your Amazon AWS Access Key ID, allowing each stream to be configured with an affiliate ID to integrate with's affiliate program and retrieve album covers. Your AWS Access Key ID can be generated at
    • Amazon Web Services secret key - Specifies your Amazon AWS Secret Key, which accompanies your AWS Access Key ID. Your secret key can be generated at