Paid work not being done, tickets ignored.

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I paid for custom native SSL work for Icecast over 4 weeks ago (19/10/2020) and nothing has been done yet.

I've sent multiple tickets about the work, but I keep getting fobbed off, and now no-one is replying.

I've now asked for a refund, but no reply, silence...

Has anyone had any paid work done recently, or are they just taking our money and doing nothing?
Still need help with SSL?
I have the same issue. Two months and they not installed the ssl. I suggest to no one pay more for paid support because centovacast staff really have some trouble in do it.

Yes, still need help, although I've got a few tutorials from the web so I'm going to try and do it myself first.
If you'd like me to help you get SSL installed, check my website for contact details (I'm not on here very much these days).
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