Cluster host authentication failure

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I am running into the issue with a new install Cluster host authentication failure.

So i have had CentovaCast for some time running on a different server.  The server was completely lost and so i had to reinstall it on a new server.

I Chose CentOS 7; i have everything installed and can get into the control panel; however when i go to the status of my server i get Cluster host authentication failure. I can't seem to get past this. I have checked all ports and they are open in the firewall. I have copied and pasted my re-issued key into server info.
Sorry, i also forgot

I ran /etc/init.d/centovacast restart  which restarted just find and shows they are up
So i totally destroyed my current install and made sure i did the install with --deps.  Then after everything was ran i did a restart and all seems to be working fine now.
Usually this indicates that you didn't properly copy over the contents of the file:
to your new server.

In addition, you have to set it up in Management > Hosts section.