Fallback secondary relay (icecast)

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This maybe sounds stupid but hey, anyway.
I am relaying a few stations using Mountpoint relaying not master relaying.

There is a chance for this mountpoint to fail from the other side (other server not mine).

What I can do for fallback except autoDJ ? It't not enabled so I had to delete/re-create a dozen accounts.
Can I somehow have another mountpoint relaying as fallback ? Can icecast configuration "allow" two <relay> options ?
So when the first remote relaying fails, it will switch to secondary fallback and connect back to first when it's up.

Is it doable ?

If not, propose a proper way to fallback to something when the relay is off.
I don't want AutoDJ except if there is no other choice. liquidsoap/icescc consumes a lot of CPU. No sense to consume CPU for backup only.