Problems with SSL streaming please help :)

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Hi. I switched over from MediaCP (horrible experience). They had icecast running with a particular configuration: for all SSL for non-SSL

Basically, all NON-SSL were routed to a port with an increase of 1000.
So if I created port 8002, then there would automatically be a stream created for port 18002.

So my first question: Can I configure CentovaCast to do this too? I unfortunately have sent these details out to so many people that it would be impossible to change now.

On this configuration I would actually stream to port 18000 but it would generate both ports 8000 and 18000 at the same time.

Second thing:

I followed the steps for setting up SSL but I am unable to connect. I can stream to: http://mydomain:8000/stream and I can also listen there too but I am unable to listen on https://mydomain:8000/stream

I am using Cloudflare's SSL certificate and it's loading Centovacast without giving an SSL error. I don't know if this is causing an issue with the listening port though.

I am thinking maybe I should re-do my DNS with my domain provider and then install an SSL certificate. The problem is that I've run out of limits with Let's Encrypt and they won't give me a new certificate for a week. This was due to the constant troubleshooting with MediaCP (again, horrible experience, horrible software, horrible company, double billings, no reply from tech support for several days and when they would reply, they would just string me along, etc. etc.)

Anyway, at the end of the day, can I maybe hire someone from here to set things up for me? Centovacast is installed and working but the SSL functionality is still not working correctly.

Worst case, I can set my encoders to run on both 8000 and 18000 (even though I would have to do this for 5 streams, which would now be 10).  But I need to get the SSL working ASAP.

thank you for your help!
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At this time it is better when using an SSL-Proxy. SHOUTcast 2 Supports SSL only with an premium account on radionomy.
For Icecast it is better to wait for Version 2.5