Mp3 license Key..

Read 12670 times there anyway to buy a mp3 license key..or a way around this for the time being as winamp is..sold I guess?
No, there is no possibility to get MP3 licence.
Even worst, there won't be sc_trans any more probably.
I don't know how Centova Cast will follow this but right now you can't download sc_trans from Winamp/ShoutCast pages
I have all the SC files if anyone needs anything.
I've just ordered the free trail of Centova Cast.
Before I go through the task of installing, the situation is that there is no way to stream in MP3?
I use a custom flash player that only accepts the MP3 stream so I guess that means I'm out of luck.
I have the older SC files, would there be anyway to use them to bypass the license requirement?
The MP3 restriction only applies to Shoutcast v2 stations which are using the autoDJ (sc_trans v2)

If you are broadcasting live or if you're using Shoutcast v1 or Icecast (which typically use ices-cc as the autoDJ software) then it won't be a problem.

We are also working on integrating a replacement for sc_trans v2, which will allow MP3 (as well as AAC) broadcasting. I'm hoping it's going to be ready this month, but no promises.
Good deal.
I use icecast so it shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks for the prompt reply and information.
Any update on the resolution for this. I need to stick with Shoutcast V2. Have been waiting for months, and have been promised a fix since late april.
You need to complain to Radionomy, not Centova :P
just google mp3 license key and youll find lots of them online. All keys can be reused multiple times
You need to complain to Radionomy, not Centova :P
technically it should be AOL legal and related licensing companies that complaints should be going to as it's due to their interference that the unlock aspect had to be introduced. complaining to Radionomy/SHOUTcast is not going to help matters as we've been clear on how things currently stand (sc_trans is not something we provide and we cannot provide unlock codes for something we don't have the rights to do so). thought Centova were meant to have had a replacement of their own out months back...
thought Centova were meant to have had a replacement of their own out months back...

That's another thing ;)
There is big silence from Centova Cast team. It was 'promissed' to replace current sc_trans and I'm wondering if there is any progress on that.

Centova should introduce some sort of life updates to see if and what currently is under development.

Same thing is for feature requests. Each feature should be marked if it will be included in future release and what is current development progress.

There is no updates at all. Last one was made because of SSL vulnerability.

So I can only think that Centova Cast is 'perfect' and there is nothing to do anymore ;)
I think its crazy centova doesnt use liquidsoap
I think its crazy centova doesnt use liquidsoap

I've never heard about that before but just tried to install this on my server and is quite problematic so maybe that why Centova is not using this.

Anyway Liquidsoap looks quite interesting. I need to give it a deep try ;)
All the news I can provide right now is that we're currently internally testing the new autoDJ, so a release is probably not that far away.

I think its crazy centova doesnt use liquidsoap
i can see how liquid soap can work if your using icecast, but shoutcast would be hard... i actually switched from liquid soap to centova, centovacast is more reliable in my opinion