Mp3 license Key..

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No way. For anyone who knows how to develop you will use liquid soap. Its for the big boys.

We are developing a new toy with it..  :D
i can see how liquid soap can work if your using icecast, but shoutcast would be hard...
i know of a number of stations which have been using liquidsoap instead of the defunct sc_trans for a few years to create SHOUTcast streams without anymore difficulty than what they needed to do to create the Icecast version of the streams (since it's just interfaces with the servers that varies a little bit, but the basic stream format of the data is the same). so i find that statement some what hard to believe (other than liquidsoap is a pain to setup for anyone trying to do it).
I agree with DrO.
I haven't get even into configuration step as it is a pain to install it. Especially on Centos.
There is many dependencies issues, so creating multisystem, liquidsoap based autoDJ will be really hard.

Things may look totally different if you building AutoDJ specifically for your station/system as you have then more field to play ;)

I just can't wait to see what Centova has prepared for us !
All the news I can provide right now is that we're currently internally testing the new autoDJ, so a release is probably not that far away.
i hope so im losing listeners the longer i wait
I have seen, that CENSORED offer mp3 keys. I have bought one half year ago, and it is ok.

Edited by Alexiu-Centova Technologies Staff: I removed the website because I doubt they are legally allowed to sell MP3 licenses.
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i just found one today after ive spend alot of hours traying to find  8)