My customers are not recieving emails


My customers are not recieving emails


Short answer: If your clients are not receiving E-mails, you may need to setup an SMTP server in iPanel/iHost. Login to iPanel/iHost as "admin", click "Configuration", then "Main Configuration", then scroll down and fill in the fields under the "E-mail" heading.

If you don't know your SMTP server information, this information can be provided by your web hosting provider or server administrator.

If the problem persists, refer to the long answer below.

Long answer: If iPanel encounters ANY error when sending an E-mail message, the message will remain in the mail queue (click Configuration -> View E-mail queue to see it). So there are three possible scenarios:

If you see messages in the E-mail queue, a detailed error message should appear next to each one explaining the nature of the error. Read the error message and fix the problem. If you see messages in the E-mail queue, but no error messages are included, that means that PHP's mail() function simply returned FALSE, indicating a problem with your PHP mail configuration. When mail() returns FALSE, it provides no other error information, so iPanel cannot help you diagnose the problem. This represents an issue with your PHP installation and/or mail server, and is unrelated to iPanel. Configuring an SMTP server (explained above under "Short answer") should work fine as a workaround. If you see no messages in the queue, then iPanel is sending the messages successfully, and the problem is definitely not within iPanel. That means they're getting lost somewhere AFTER they leave iPanel. Which means it's out of iPanel's control. In that case, ask your clients to check their SPAM filters; check your mail server for problems; and so-on.