Inactivity scanner shows no accounts


Q: iPanel's inactivity scanner shows no inactive accounts, but I know I have inactive accounts on my server. How do I fix this?


This usually indicates that you've setup iPanel to use a CPanel reseller account, but you did not grant the "View Account Bandwidth Usage" permission to that reseller account in CPanel.

Since CPanel just returns an empty account list when your reseller account doesn't have the right privileges, iPanel has no way of knowing it's a permissions issue and just assumes there are no inactive accounts. Enabling the "View Account Bandwidth Usage" permission on your reseller account in CPanel should resolve this issue.

Note, however, that iPanel caches account inactivity data for 24hr, so the inactivity scanner will continue to show no accounts for up to 24hr after applying this update. If you wish to clear the cache, you may login to iPanel's admin area and then launch the following URL:

Note that "" obviously refers to the hostname and URI at which iPanel is installed on your server.