Event log: Received a valid non-payment IPN notification.


Q: I see the following in my iPanel/iHost event log:

Non-payment transaction: Initiating IPN transaction (example@example.com)... Received a valid non-payment IPN notification.

What does this mean, and how do I correct it?


This is just an informative message indicating that a non-payment IPN notification was received from PayPal. This is not an error, and requires no corrective action.

There are many types of notifications that PayPal sends that iPanel does not specifically handle or care about (such as subscription-creation, etc.) -- iPanel only cares about payments that are received from PayPal, so the other notification types are irrelevant and simply logged for your reference.

Q: But if iPanel does not handle subscription-creation and subscription-cancellation notifications, what happens if a user cancels his PayPal subscription? Does he get free hosting?

A: No. iPanel treats PayPal subscription payments like any other type of payment. If the subscription is cancelled, PayPal will no longer make payments on the user's behalf, so iPanel will automatically suspend the account (or take whatever suspension actions the admin has configured in iPanel) when the client's invoice becomes past-due. This allows the client to cancel his PayPal subscription and switch to another payment method (such as a credit card, for example) without any impact on his account.